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     Linda & I read The Hidden Life of Trees after working through The Tangled Tree, which is about cell and human evolution. We both thought

the author was a bit whimsical given our scientific bent, but our awareness of the natural world expanded.

     I learned about the world of cooperation among plants and trees.  Linda understands why the trees in her yard produce varying amounts of acorns per year.


     In the past week I read two novels: Family History: A Novel by Dani Shapiro and Days in the History of SILENCE by Merethe Lindstrom.

     Except for the beginning chapters, I scanned most of Shapiro's book, pausing only to read plot points. The descriptive content wasn't required to answer the only thing on my mind: "what happened next?" The plot can be summarized in less than two minutes--no need to read it.

     Lindstrom's book can't be summarized. Besides, you will want to read every word yourself. There's no plot, but I can tell you what it's about, well, not really. OK, the word "loss" will do.

     I don't know your reading preferences--go to Goodreads. The one and two star reviews are the most helpful. I knew by the complaints about lack of plot that I would enjoy The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery. Strangely, the reviews for SILENCE artificially create a plot.

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